There’s Such Wonderful Software For A Mac

I’m a recent Mac convert. I’m writing full time, and I switched to a Mac about 5 months ago after my children and wife bought me a Mac Mini. This change was the kick in the pants my writing career needed.

The first thing that happened was that I started doing all my writing in Scrivener, in stead of Word. Word sucks mightily on OS X, as does every other member of the MS Office family. Word sucks bilge water off the back of dead sailors. Word sucks the petrified yolk out of paleolithic ostrich eggs. Word sucks the water out of Las Vegas right back into the Hoover dam. Word sucks like Electrolux … I’m sure you’re beginning to get the idea.

mac mini

Next, the other pieces of my writing system began to fall into place. Scapple, a neat little mind mapper, complements Scrivener nicely. Not because it’s a great mind mapper, but because it’s so well integrated.

Aeon is a timeline maker, which makes sure the victim doesn’t turn up alive two days after she’d been murdered. A wonderful piece of programming.

Logos, calibre, a JSTOR subscription, ATLA databases through the Emory alumni, WorldCat, Piirus, and others constitute a vast research library. I honestly don’t have to leave the house anymore, except for grimoires, which one shouldn’t keep at home anyway.

Finally, for twenty bucks, Blogo gives me a very neat little blogging machine, so it seems even my blogging activities are getting a boost.

Overall, I’m as pleased as punch.

See you soon.