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I’ve been fascinated by the Two Kingdoms of Egypt for as long as I remember, but a recent TV documentary has piqued my interest anew. The TV show is called “The Pyramid Code,” and it led me to a book titled The Orion Mystery by Robert Bauval and Adrian Gilbert.

Book cover: The Orion MysteryThere is much cook-ery going on with regard to the ancient Egyptians. The orthodox Egyptologists are being accused of having blinkers on because they seem to refuse to see the mystery surrounding all things Egyptian. This may be understandable; so much unsubstantiated stuff is sprouted by the UFO/magic faction that one can almost understand why the Oxford dons are drawing their wagons in a circle. However …

The Orion Mystery is a welcome addition into this fray. Bauval is an engineer and an eminently rational and intelligent man – he is a leading narrator in the TV documentary. He thinks like an engineer. He also fearlessly follows the leads where they take him. He doesn’t have the academic ties that prohibit him from thinking about possible alternate purposes for the pyramids. He is free to ask: “What if they were power generation plants?” There is nothing to contradict that hypothesis, just as there isn’t that much that proves the Royal Tomb theory. The pyramids could not have been tombs, says Bauval, because no mummy was ever found inside a pyramid! Also, the interiors of most pyramids are businesslike and devoid of hieroglyphs and other ornamentation. One observer said that when you were inside a pyramid, you felt as if you were inside a giant machine – a place you would not want to be if the machine were up and running.

If you are at all interested in Egyptology, and you are willing to follow the reasoning of a very rational mind, you could do worse than read this book. The prose is crystal clear and easy to read, and I enjoyed it tremendously. It’s nice to wonder about things again for a change.

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