Important Announcement: I’ve Redone my Kindle Book

I’ve been sleeping uneasy about the quality of my Kindle eBook Through Pain to Victory. There’s nothing really wrong with it – it’s just not as nice as it could be. That is because Amazon’s own software transformed the Word document I sent them into a Kindle book. It works. You can read it. But I wanted it perfect.

The way to get a Kindle eBook perfect is to specifically format it as an eBook using Adobe InDesign. And that’s what I did. I imported Through Pain to Victory into InDesign and carefully reformatted every word, every, line, every paragraph, and e very chapter. The I tested on all the Kindle formats: the old eInk formats, Kindle Fire in various configurations, iPad, and iPhone. Works great!

I don’t know how much difference it makes, but tonight I’m sleeping easy, because my Kindle customers are getting a clean, easy to read book with a great cover and a simple, working, clickable menu. From now on all my eBooks will be formatted with Adobe InDesign. The right way or bust.

Next project!

My Current Writing Project

I have two or three important (to me, anyway) writing projects. First is the main twinkle in my eye, Grandchildren of God. Self-aware game pieces seem so real that, if humans are children of God, those game characters can claim to be grandchildren of God.

My African novel, The Four Lions is complete for all practical purposes. A little bit of polishing, and it can hit the streets.

My African musical named Mujaji has a nice intro, a good plot, characters, a first song, and some song ideas – to be executed.

My second book in the Through Pain series, Through Pain with the Psalms, is in an advanced planning stage.

Oh, and I’m recording Through  Pain to Victory as an audiobook. I had an email from a reader who said their disability support group would like to have the book on CD. So I thought: Why not? I’m halfway in.

So what am I working on RIGHT NOW? A devotional for pain sufferers titled (provisionally) The Pain Devotional. It consists of quotations from less well known mystics, theologians, and thinkers from antiquity to the Early Modern period, and offers people who suffer from chronic pain some theological ‘meat’ instead of the ‘milk’ you get in bookstores. No punches pulled. I tell it like it is. But exactly therein lies a lot of consolation – real consolation.

You have to love self-publishing. It’s so free-wheeling – in my case, anyway – that the publishing houses have nothing to fear from it. Or do they?