A Sad Day

I’m journaling this because I don’t want to forget the date. Just now I said goodbye to my brother in a hospital in Cape Town, and he said goodbye to me. The effort left him gasping. This was, in high probability, the last goodbye. But then, perhaps not. It’s not in my hands. And Maarten is incredibly tough. I JUST DON”T KNOW.

Oh, how much happier are we who know how to ‘kid ourselves’, according to some unbelievers. Pascal’s wager was a wise move. (He said it’s better to believe in God and run the risk that He doesn’t exist, than to not believe and run the risk that He does exist.)

The 22nd of July, 2011. Goodbye, Maarten. God rest you, my brother. And if our human calculations should be wrong, and I did see you again in this world, you tough old bastard – then all the more reason to rejoice.

Why am I sharing this with the whole world? I’m not sure. The world has changed. We’re changing into a global consciousness, I guess. To a small extent. I don’t care.

Christian Life Coaching

Ah, how we change over the years! I remember distinctly how I scoffed when I first heard about “Life Coaches.” Those Americans,” I said to myself, and probably to my friends too, “can’t even live their lives without being coached.” Well, over the years I have become the thing I once scoffed at. As the old funny saying goes: “Last week I couldn’t even spell philfosy, and today I are one.” Must be moi who changed. Suddenly Christian life coaching looks like a great idea, provided it’s not a question of the coach being perfect and the coachee being imperfect and learning perfection from the coach.  The coach is a catalyst and a progress monitor, nothing more. He is not the engine of change – that engine is installed in the person who is being coached. I see a coach as a gateway to the fantastic truths and the Spirit that is in the Bible.

                         The Scoff: HAH!
There are some more hilarious pictures of this spirited little guy at  http://www.flickr.com/photos/ailbhekeogan/page5/. You should see his ‘judging’ expression!

I’ve always been a life coach. In the first grade, I was followed around by ‘uncool’ kids whom I basically ‘coached’ through their first days in school. I’ve always been a counselor too, but I’m still working on that one (the Ed.D at Argosy University, which is progressing at a fair clip).

Side note: I’m always amused at closed captioning when someone goes Hah! It reads [SCOFFING]. I’m not sure why that’s funny – it just is.

While writing this, I was listening to "Mother" by Chicago

Quote of the Day:
I not only use all the brains I have but all that I can borrow.
–Thomas Woodrow Wilson

The Birth of the First Venter Chick

Great news! Maverick and Elvis Venter became the parents a couple of days ago of a fluffy new little chick. This is the very first result of any of our husbandry projects (is it still husbandry if you’re only raising poultry?). Just look at the evil eye (and I mean evil) as she visually threatens anyone who comes near. She means it too – since she became broody she’s drawn blood on several occasions, thereby teaching the grandchildren in short order what I couldn’t in months.

While writing this, I was listening to "Brandenburg Concerto No. 5 (1st Movement.)" by Various Artists

Quote of the Day:
Light travels faster than sound so some people appear bright until you hear them speak.
–Joe Messmore