Working Hölderlin

I’m working a bit on my thesis on unser arme Friedrich today and, as usual, cannot believe the extent of the philosophical quality of his poetry—or is it the poetic quality of his philosophy? But don’t be fooled: it’s not a simple mix of the two. Very little happens by accident in his work—until the very end, of course, where he is completely insane. But it is precisely there, Dieter Henrich says in  his Course of Remembrance[1] that even in his later, certifiable years, unser Friedrich produced gems that are deceptively simple.

Anyway, in accordance with my promise to myself to be okay with short posts, that’s my post for today.

While writing this, I was listening to "Too White to Sing the Blues" by Papa Joe Grappa


I have a postscript. I find that I cite a lot while writing my blog. The main reason is that I have done a lot of papers writing recently; but it also meant to give someone who might be interested a pointer to where I found the information. Even though I could make a few cents off every time one of my readers bought a book from, I haven’t monetized this blog. Purely for my kind of blog, and for me personally, trying to sell books while I discuss stuff would detract from the spontaneity of my blogging. (Okay, I know it’s mostly contrived anyway, but I try!) With this I am not saying that anyone else who has paying links to is not honest in their writing; this is purely how it works for me. If you’re selling books on your blog, I wish you all success and might even buy from you. If I have a million readers I’ll probably monetize

anyway—buy that time I should know what I really want to say on the blog.

[1] Dieter Henrich, The Course of Remembrance and other essays on Hölderlin (ed. Eckart. Förster; Studies in Kant and German idealism; Stanford, Calif.: Stanford University Press, 1997).


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  1. “the philosophical quality of his poetry — or is it the poetic quality of his philosophy” well said, which came first: the chicken or the egg…? :o)keep up with the good work!

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